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Bottega Chilometri Zero was born in 2006 in Pove del Grappa a small town 5km from Bassano del Grappa

Over the years, Bottega established as the epicenter of a “zero kilometer” supply chain that seeks to combine garments of global inspiration with a controlled local supply chain.

Within 150 kilometers from its headquarters, Bottega is able to carry out all the production processes necessary for the creation of its collections. From the Design of the garments, which takes place in our internal studio, up to the last finishing steps.

Our brands:

the 7 production steps

Research and creativity constitute the first artistic step that must be combined with a strong technical know-how for the construction of the garment.

Bottega Chilometri Zero – Pove del Grappa (VI)


Tessport S.p.A. / Titanus S.r.l – Thiene (VI)

The fabrics are made with the best yarns and with the most advanced techniques. A Bottega branded product maintains the same qualifying properties after each wash.



Precision and automation. The welding of the mattress fabric allows to cut a large number of pieces at the same time.


Opaco Srl – Cartigliano (VI)

It can take place on the cut garment or on the packaged garment depending on the type of effect desired.


Confezioni Venete S.r.l. – Villanova del Ghebbo (RO)

It consists in putting together the cut through different types of seams in order to obtain the finished garment.


Cleantex/Intex – Sarcedo (VI)

The “finish” includes all the processes that are used to give the fabric certain sensations to the touch. Particular attention is paid to the use of water to avoid any waste.


NST2 S.r.l. – Caerano San Marco (TV)

The final stage of the production process involves the application of labels and tags, ironing, folding and packaging.


inside a garment

Each of our garments carries with it all the care and attention of our production philosophy. In our products you will find different labels that will tell you about the production measures we use to protect the environment, your health and maintain the quality of the products over time.

and biodegradable

From eco-sustainable dyes, which drastically reduce the use of water to recycled fabrics that cut the useless accumulation of exhausted garments.

slow is fast

Made in Italy is for us a natural philosophy of life and business.

An intrinsic value in our products in which we want you to find our culture and identity. Our brands are a guarantee that you will find everything we have just told you:

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