controlled supply chain and
territorial sustainability

Crediamo fermamente nella sostenibilità delle attività locali che ci circondano, il Made in Italy non può solo essere un marchio, è per noi una naturale filosofia di vita e aziendale. Intrinseca nella qualità dei nostri prodotti vogliamo farvi ritrovare la nostra cultura e la nostra identità.

il valore del locale

filiera tracciata e sostenibilità del territorio


Made in Bassano

Our Land

Bottega Chilometri Zero was born in Pove del Grappa a small town in the province of Vicenza, since 2006 the headquarter have been established here, over the years becoming the epicenter of a “Km 0” production chain that seeks to combine globally inspired garments with a local controlled supply chain.

Chilometri Zero

Within about 30 kilometers from its headquarters, Bottega is able to carry out all the production processes necessary to create its collections. From the design of the garments to the last finishing touches, everything happens here a few “steps” from home.



We use fabrics that have a percentage of recycled cotton, a right choice for those of us who firmly believe in respecting the environment and we are against unsustainable production waste. When you find this logo inside our garment you know you are making a conscious choice.

Logos, not just because
they looks good

On our garments you can find different printed logos, they are not just graphic signs, each of them tells a story and a way of doing things. Each label or tag guarantees that our garments are made according to the “Chilometri Zero” philosophy.

“Made in Italy cannot be just a brand, for us it is a natural philosophy of life and business. An intrinsic value for our products in which we want you to find out our culture and identity.”